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My name is Dave Pearce and I'm a professional tarot reader and have been Tarot card reading for over 20 years. I have many regular clients who return for readings as well as recommendations. Here you will find free tarot reading as well as professional reading.
Many profess to do a professional tarot reading or say they are psychic, but sadly a lot of them have cashed in on the band wagon as they say and do an automated reading, being exactly the same or very similar to what I give you here free of charge, with the exception you pay for it and its emailed to you on an automatic delay to make it seem to be a genuine reading. Technology has become very advanced and can now make it seem you are talking to a real person, when in fact it’s a very clever computer script appearing human and giving a so called live reading and charging your credit card. I will never do this
All personal readings purchased from me are on a one to one basis and done personally by me with my focus upon you, and an email of the live mp3 recording of your actual reading sent to you. Some people ask how or why my professional readings are so low in price. That was simple to answer! I enjoy doing what I do with the hope of being some help to others so I decided to not only give a lot more things free on this website to users, webmasters and those alike, but to do all my professional readings at a price most people can afford, giving nothing less than those charging sometimes 10 times more.

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You may not always get the opportunity to physically sit down with someone who is skilled in the art of reading the Tarot, or cant afford to pay for regular readings, so here I aim to provide you with a little guidance and easy, convenient access to information as given by most other readers in the form of free tarot reading, which will hopefully bring you pleasure as well as an insight into the future.

If you would like a more in depth personal reading I will be pleased to do this for you at a very reasonable cost, because I believe tarot should not be utilized for the purpose of exploitation.

Free Tarot Reading

You don't necessarily need an expensive Tarot deck to divine the future from cards. You can use a regular deck of playing cards. All you have to remember is that the four suits equate to the following
Hearts represent love or equate to Cups in the regular deck. Diamonds represent money or Coins or Disks. Spades represent hardship or Swords,Clubs represent opportunity or Wands. Perhaps the simplest layout is a three-card spread that represents past, present and future.

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Playing cards and tarot

Cards have a wide variety of uses. There are cards for playing games and gambling, cards for trading and collecting, and then there is the......tarot.

Tarot is the interpretation of patterns and meanings of cards randomly drawn from the deck's 78 traditional images to gain insight and achieve greater control over issues involving relationships, opportunities, and life changes.

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There are over 500 years of history in 78 cards

The Tarot being a deck of cards originated in northern Italy. Tarot was first used in a game called Triumphs; it was quickly adopted as a tool for divination, and made popular by occult societies such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The early Tarot symbolism was deeply rooted in Medieval and Renaissance Europe, but over a period of time has grown and is now incorporated into everything from astrology to magic spell casting. Often people don’t realize when they are sitting playing cards as a game, the represented cards originated from the deck of Tarot.

Personal Tarot Reading

When you order a tarot reading I will need to know your full name and date of birth so I have a person to focus on

during the reading, you will be asked this at the time or ordering.

So what do you get?

The Personal Tarot reading will comprise of 36 cards , I will enclose an audio recording attached to the email for you containing the full content of your cards that came out for you. This will be the same as if you were sat opposite me during the reading

The Price for a 36 Card Reading is Only £10

A copy of your reading will be kept for a period of 3 weeks.

If you need another copy I can forward it to you within that time. After the

3 weeks it will be deleted

If you would like to purchase a reading please click the Buy Now Button

As a bonus you will also get an in depth 12 month Astrological Report to complement your Tarot Reading Totally FREE. Normally Costing £7.95

About Your Tarot Reading

I prefer to do a tarot card reading for you using the Celtic cross with a choice of 10 or 36 cards, depending how deep you would like me to look into the cards. I know many offer several different choices of card spreads, but this is often a good indication that you are getting an electronic reading simply because most (not all) genuine tarot readers like to keep to what they feel gives you the best reading. Whether you want me to look at the cards for the purpose of love, finance, work, relationships, guidance or any other reason, you can be assured this will be a one to one personal reading for you and not a collection of words simply being sent to you. I will always give you the reading straight with no metaphors turning it into a spiritual content making it difficult to understand with a multitude of meanings. I always tell you the cards as they appear and not alter them in any way as I feel bound to read them to you as they come from the tarot deck because tarot is a means for giving guidance. I will tell you everything I see within the cards, good and bad and will not alter the cards to simply make the world appear to be a perfect place.

Tarot readings take about 2 hours to do allowing time to personally record the reading for you and to compress and edit the recording to a size small enough to email to you. I do them with an audio MP3 recording so you know its a genuine tarot reading and personal to you, and not a pre typed text emailed to you as many do. You can either play it from your computer or save to a disk. I always say to allow 48 hours from the time you ask for a reading, though this is often less. This allows any emails from your purchase to reach me and a time slot to do your reading.


An in depth Numerology Report for only £7.95 Click on the picture above to see what you get


Destiny Runes




Free tarot script for your website, with no links back to other websites.

No catch, its yours to use and modify, with your own name and banner and link back to your website

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What are Rune's

The Runes are an ancient divinatory devise predating Christianity's New Testament, and they bring into our consciousness a more grounded value system reflective of the era in which they were developed, and therefore focus more on events occurring as elements of nature, and less on an attitude of predestination that has prevailed in the last 2,000 years.
Rune stones are not always made of stone, they can be made from wood or other things found in nature with pictorial symbols inscribed on them which are drawn at random to answer specific questions. Like the Tarot, Runes are based on the theory of synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, which proposes that the drawing of a rune at random, will reveal the answer to a specific question.

For those wishing to know more about tarot, please explore this website where you will find a large source of information related to the cards, and history of the tarot

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The free tarot reading is designed to give you a reading in the same way as a live reading, but with the exception, it is not a full personal reading and contains far less information. When using the free reading, you must type a different question for the cards to change. The cards will not answer  the same question with the same deck of cards.