Your Sign

 The Truth About You!


Nobody is a typical character of their zodiac sign. We are all individuals and, in our full birth charts, based on our date, time and place of birth, we have all twelve signs acting upon us. Your zodiac sign (we astrologers call it your Sun sign) is one of the stronger influences but it is not the only one. It can never, ever represent the be-all and end all of who you are. Each of us have our individual traits that make us who we are

Astrology is not about destiny, because each of us are in control of our own destiny. Astrology is about choice. It is about weighing up your options and picking the best ones. Being born on a certain day doesnít force you to be a certain type of person, it just makes you a bit more likely to be that way.The stars may lean on us a bit but they donít use force.

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