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How Do I Know if I Have Psychic Abilities?

Well how do you know? many people have a psychic ability but simple dismiss it and a coincidence.

Have any of the following things ever happened to you?

1. Do you ever sit there or working and thinking to yourself the phone is about to ring?

    Most people have experienced this it happens once in awhile we think its up to coincidence or someone      calls at a regular time, but have you ever experienced a call form someone you haven’t seen in ages or      are thinking of a person and the phone rings and its them? This could indicate a psychic ability.

2. Have you ever experienced someone is in trouble and you feel a panic within you and     find out that person     was in some kind of trouble?

3. Have you ever gone to a place and felt you have been there before? You know what's around the corner     before you even turn it? Many people call this déjà vu, but is it? Everyone says this, but in truth how did you     know if you have never been there before?

4. Everyone dream, but have you ever had a dream about something and sometime later it has happened? These    things can be coincidence, but in most cases show some sort of psychic ability or psychic connection to    something or someone

5  Have you ever touched an object like a set of keys or something belonging to someone and felt a sense about    the person who owns them or felt something that would or has happened to that person? This is known as    psychometry and is a form of psychic ability.

6. Have you ever said something to a person as a joke that something was going to happen to them and it did?     Some might point the finger at you if something bad happened and tell everyone you placed a curse on that     person, but its more likely you had a vision of something happening to the person and didn’t realize it.

Though some in-depth testing is often undertakes by doctors and psychic research teams to see if someone really is psychic or not, the zener test shows in some cases if as person is psychic or not, depending on the type of psychic ability you have. Its free so try it out, but first you need to remember to be in a relaxed state of mind so as to be able to concentrate on the cards displayed

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