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 What is Tarot Magic.

A lot of people ask about Tarot Spells and some wonder what is Tarot Magic. Tarot Magic is what it says it is, it’s a tarot deck used to cast Magic spells and those I know who have used this method, say the results have been fast and excellent. There are a number of books on the subject available but there is not being much on the Internet about the subject. One thing remains certain - just as it's best to create your own spells with your own incantations and use of magical ingredients, it's best to create your own spells with tarot. You might go to a site online with tarot spells – there are a few of them around - but it remains that those spells were custom made for the ones who created them, and therefore not the best that can be created for you. Putting your own imagination and incantations from your own mouth and thoughts create a far more powerful spell than those from the mind of others. You know exactly what you want within your heart, but the words of another is only the words from the others heart.

As long as you have an understanding of the meanings of the cards, then you have the capability to cast your own spells with them. If, for example, you would like to mend a broken relationship, you might take two cards - one representing yourself, the other representing your lover, and cross both cards with the Strength card. Lay the cards out on an altar, surround them with candles or incense, whatever is suitable to the spell that you are casting. There are basic steps that you can follow, but again, these are not necessarily set in stone.

Basic steps for Tarot Magic

First of all and most important, you really need to familiarize with the meanings of the cards you are going to use. There are specific tarot decks that can be used for tarot magic, but in general and deck you are familiar with will work just the same.

There are several books available on the Internet and in some local stores, depending where you live that can help you with the meanings if you do not know all 78 of them within your head.

Tarot spells can be done in two different ways, either by actually casting a spell with something simple as candle magic within a circle and calling upon the elements or as a non magic spell casting using meditation.  Obviously if you know how to cast a spell, it will not be difficult for you to incorporate the tarot cards into the spell using the meanings of the cards to focus upon, but I guess for the most that come here who are not familiar in the ways to cast spells, meditations will be the easiest for them to learn first off. All spells come from within the mind of the person projecting the spell, so for those with little or know knowledge simple meditation magic to start off with will be far easier. Most simple meditation spells rely of the right atmosphere around you to create the mood you need to find yourself within. If it’s a spell connected to a love one, do you need scented candles or incense around you? Do you need a photo of your loved one? It all really depends on you and what makes the surroundings feel right for you. The most important thing is that you have to believe in what you are doing. Without faith in what you are doing has no grounding within your thoughts.

So you feel ready  to meditate your Tarot Spell so what do you need to do?

1. Select the cards you feel represent your situation. How many cards depends on your needs within the spell, but less is easier for you to concentrate on. 3 to 7 cards are usually more than enough. If I were doing a fertility spell I would consider the Empress. For a prosperity spell I may use 9 Pentacles or 6 Pentacles.

2. Make sure you find a place to meditate where you will not be interrupted and have some peace and solitude from the outside world. A spell can’t work with interruptions or distractions from the outside world, though for some being near to nature like a stream can create the situation they need.

3. If you feel you need candles, photos of a person or incense to help you meditate on the spell in hand, then set them out as you feel to be right.

4. Sort through the cards you have chosen or in the event you haven’t chose them yet , select them and put them in the order of relevance you feel they correspond to your spell. Make sure the first card you lay down is the least important. They can be laid as a specific layout if you feel you need a tarot spread for this, but in general you will lay them from left to right.

5. Incantations are important and need to be said on the laying of each card. As you lay the first card down say the lovers, say out loud something like, I know there is someone out there for me and I eventually want that person to find me.  You do this with each card you have selected until you are left with the final card. If in this case its because you want to get rid of all negativity and need new beginnings, you may have selected the card of Death. In this case you would say out loud something like, I need to get rid of all negativity in my life and have the opportunity to start again. The words have more impact if they are your own words and come from your own mind and heart.

6. Now sit with a clear mind and meditate your thoughts, using your mind very much like watching a movie and picturing the things you want to happen that you picked the cards to represent. Once you feel you have given of your heart and mind to the spell you can close the spell by simply blowing out any candles, extinguishing any incense or kissing the photo of a loved one.

For those who incorporate Tarot within a magic ritual, the selection of the cards and incantations are much the same with the words coming from the persons own mouth. In both cases the selecting of the cards for the correct desired meanings is very important

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