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Personal Report/Natal Chart

From beginning to end, it's an intimate, revealing personal description for your personal use or for the person you have chosen to have the chart compiled for. You will read every page until you get to the end.

When meteorologists forecast the weather we understand that they are not telling us how to live our lives. Rather they are giving us information that may help us make our own decisions. As far as the weather is concerned our major decisions are whether or not to dress warmly or to take an umbrella. The astrological system of Transits is offering us much the same information. It is giving us an indication of the emotional and intellectual weather of our lives. It is up to us to decide our own destiny

The report can have anything form 15 to 30 pages.

This will vary for each individual, depending of the individual’s planetary position at the time of birth and the time of the chart compilation.

All reports supplied within this website are in depth and at a fixed price. This doesn’t mean you are getting more or less for different reports. Each take about the same time to produce and are normally sent within 48 hour of purchase. All the reports are produced for the purpose of email, thus reducing the price for a comprehensive report.

Though each report is emailed the quality is high and can be printed on most printable materials such as quality papers and even parchment if your printer will accept high grade materials. This not only makes for interesting reading, but can also be the perfect gift for someone wishing to give some thought or originality to the person they are thinking of.

Astrological Child Report

The perfect gift for yourself or someone you really care about

An in depth Natal or Birth Report

covers all the basis of the planets, signs, houses, and aspects. But instead of listing individual elements that stand apart, this report acts as a master chart, telling the story of events and best times of happenings by breaking the times down to the month and weeks of the likelihood of events happening.

Each individual is born with a personal birth chart, which is a map of the heavens from the moment they took their first breath. Some might say the birth chart has the effect of stamping, or imprinting, the energies of the planets and signs on an individual. Each and every one of us has all 10 planets and luminaries in our charts, but their positions by sign, house, and aspect are individual to each. When we interact with others, the individual energies of our natal charts form special relationships with their individual energies. The resulting interplay is as complex and unique as our own personalities.

Astrology lovers Relationship Report

Natal Interpretation:

Are you wishing you personal life would take a new direction? Need some help figuring out how to make that happen? The birth chart interpretation is just what the doctor ordered. Fifteen to thirty pages in length, this interpretation considers all the basics of your birth chart. You'll find information about: General characteristics: how your personality functions How you approach life: how other people see you The Inner You: a fresh look at your own motivations and how they affect various areas of your life Mental interests and abilities: how you process the information you take in Emotions: twists and turns of your moods and feelings, especially in romance Drive and ambition: details your attitudes toward work and career Growth and expansion: areas of life you especially enjoy Challenges: assess areas that cause you the most trouble You will appreciate the depth and thoroughness of the interpretation. Get one for yourself, your mate, children, and friends. Chart will be shipped within 3 days of your order.

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