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Tarot of Destiny has its own unique deck of tarot cards that are not available anywhere else. There are no printed versions of the L'avenir Tarot of Destiny anywhere else in existence.  This deck can be downloaded for use within projects, but may not be used for the purpose of reproduction with intent to sell as a printed version of the tarot deck. If you want to use this deck for commercial purposes, you will need permission from me using the Contact Us form.  Please add a link back to this website if you use the cards.

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The deck was created by myself in my spare time. I am not the worlds greatest artist and just found myself doodling with my graphics pen and so decided to give it a go. The outcome after about 12 months of my spare time doodling is the deck illustrated above. It is not my intention to make vast amounts of money by creating a tarot deck for purchase and reproduction so I allow it to be used freely by those wishing to use it within their own website scripts or projects. At no time may a deck of the cards be reproduced for resale as a physical deck of cards. All I do ask is that a link back to this website is placed be placed either on a link page or somewhere within the pages of their website that are accessible from within a page related to the website. In the event the deck is to be used for the commercial sale of a script, permission needs to be given by me. You can get this by using the contact form provided.

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