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Dreams Evolving around Sex

How to interpret sex dreams

Most people think sex dreams are about sex and in some cases this can be so, but for the most part, sexual dreams are not about sex exclusively. Very often sex dreams are about how we perceive other people and how we perceive ourselves and how other perceive us. To understand what a sexual dream means we need to build a picture within our mind to construct an interpretation for the dream.  First things first, who is with us, do we know this person, how do we feel with this person, did we enjoy the experience with this person within the dream?

Some dreams are simply about romance when 2 people meet each other and find themselves going beyond the point of first meeting and enjoy each other. In many cases this is just a secret desire for the person within the dream or the desire to be with someone like the person in the dream. This scenario commonly involves an attractive person and a generally pleasing environment. There is no violation towards each other, except for a sense that perhaps things are moving a little fast in the dream state relationship. Often within this type of dream, the dreamer has acted upon his or her own desires to be in such a relationship.

Other dreams can be more disturbing to the dreamer pushing the boundaries of what that person feels to be right or wrong. These dreams include dreams that the dreamer would feel to be wrong within the awake state of the mind, but participates in during the dream state. This type of dream often leavers the person feeling very uncomfortable when they away and can leave the person feeling a little disturbed, feeling their body to be violated. This type of dream may need a deeper examination of its meaning for having the dream.

The first step is to identify who or what made you feel the discomfort within your dream. Was it someone you know? Was it a working acquaintance, the boss, a co worker, a friend of close associate?  Was the person older or younger than yourself who you have a platonic relationship with, or was it the nature of the

dream and what happened within that dream by the other person that made you feel bad about it, such as the feeling of cheating or being in the public eye, not wanting to be seen but being seen by your surrounding world? Who was forcing who is an important question to ask yourself. Was this person a stranger, did you know this person or did this person remind you of someone. Representation of others we know often play a big role in sexual dreams and our mind state can often substitutes the person we know with someone we don’t know rather than face the reality of the person we do know.

Some of these dreams indicate our own deep rooted feelings of what is right or wrong to each of our personal feelings within sex, but there is after all something exciting about what we feel to be forbidden even if it’s the forbidden fruit of Adam and Eve. In other cases it can be an expression of our frustration of our own sexual life that is not satisfying in the way we want it to be. Other times dreams can be about those who have violated our boundaries and tasking advantage of us and making us feel that they are expecting unwanted favours , this may not be in a sexual way, but our dream state portrays this to us within this way so as to make us feel violated

In all the cases of our dreams they often need further investigation. You need to look at what you personally feel within this dream, which may feel distasteful at first, and who it may represent. Look at all the situations around you that may have gone unnoticed. Perhaps most importantly, you will become more aware of the various aspects of your personality in those relationships

How to Interpret Sex Dreams

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