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What is Psychometry

Psychometry is often use by many psychics, it’s the ability to see things or have mental premonitions from objects which they touch belonging to that or another person. Often within Tarot Reading, a reader with these abilities will ask if they can hold something belonging to that person, such as a set of keys, piece of jewelry or something small and personal that they wear or carry with them. This for those who can pick up on Psychometry makes it easier to get personal feelings of the person for whom they are doing the reading for.

Often people do not realize they have this ability, but want to explore it further, so it’s a good idea to ask someone who you are doing a reading for to bring along a small personal object so you can see if its enhancing your ability to read the cards, or in some cases for those with this enhanced ability have no need to read the cards, but can pick up on that person simply by using Psychometry

It’s not something everyone can do, and should be practiced to see if you also have this ability, and there is no set rule as to how the feelings will come to you.

Generally you would sit and feel relaxed holding the object and close your eyes, clearing your mind while feeling the object and concentrating upon it. This doesn’t work for all people, some have flashes in their mind while other simply get feelings related to topics they are thinking of.

used objects belonging to others.

For those wanting to develop this ability, practice is something that needs to be done. Often  trying to see if you have the ability is only discovered by doing this, while for others it comes naturally.

Often people with this unknown ability will feel they have to wash their hands after picking up an object, or will not wear used clothes belonging to others, also they often get weird feelings when going into museums or antique shops. This of course could just be the traits of that individual person, but for sum, it’s the feeling of connection with

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