Tarot of Destiny

Unlike the live online telephone Tarot Readings that charge you by the minute and keep you on the phone for what only seems a few minutes, and at the end of the session you discover you have been there for more than 30 minutes, paying $4.99 a minute, and amounting to well over $100, I offer you a fixed price live reading in the form of an MP3, that you can listen to at your own leisure several times to digest what is being said if necessary.

Each tarot reading cost 25.99 GBP, approximately $32. For that I will take an in depth look at any questions you have or if preferred do a raw reading, with that the cards give you a reading with no questions is applied to the cards , hence a raw reading giving you the reading from the cards as they come out for you.

Often people ask when an event within the cards are going to happen, so as to simplify the cards , I am now giving a full and totally free in-depth natal report for the period of 12 month to coincide with the Tarot Reading, so as to complement each other. This will give you a week by week breakdown of events for the full 12 month period.

Once you have purchased a reading you will be redirected to another web page to tell me your details. In the event something goes wrong and you are not re directed or you accidentally refries your page, no need to worry, once your payment request comes through, I will contact you if I don’t have the details I need

Personal Tarot Reading

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