Tarot of Destiny

How Do Tarot Cards Work?

You don't have to have a special psychic gift to read the Tarot Cards. It is a common misconception that tarot readers are clairvoyants. Tarot Card reading, like palmistry and astrology, is an interpretative skill that can be learnt. With so many people jumping on the New Age bandwagon the sitter must beware. Reading the cards is very much a skill and finding someone who can interpret the cards is very much the luck of the draw. That isn’t to say a Tarot reader isn’t a clairvoyant as a person can be many things in life, though within the new age bandwagon this is often used to sound as a supernatural ability.
For myself, I still feel governed by the guides when doing a reading for someone simply because, I sometimes get a feeling that contradicts the meaning of a card so go with that feeling and in nearly all cases the feeling turns out to be correct

I haven’t learnt to do this from books, I had a deep interest in how the cards worked, and from being a skeptic and having my cards read for a bit of fun, I changed my views totally when many of the things I laughed at started to happen. I have now been reading the cards for over 15 year using the hands on method and was taught to read the cards professionally

So how do you tell the future with Tarot Cards? The psychologist Carl Jung gave us his own scientific theory of Synchronicity that states that "Anything done at a particular moment in time has the qualities of that moment in time" In other words the fall of the cards is decided by past, present and future events.

Every Tarot card has a specific meaning represented by the symbolism of the card's pictures. The imagery is a mixture of good and bad auguries.

The 78 Tarot card pack is divided into two sections: the major and minor Arcana. The 22 Major Tarot cards show dominant forces in the querant life and the 56 Minor cards fill in the detail. The minor Tarot cards are subdivided into four suits representing different qualities: Cups-emotions, Swords- troubles, Coins- money, Wands- enterprises. (Our modern playing cards evolved out of the Tarot. Cups became hearts, swords- spades, coins- diamonds and wands became clubs.)

Depending on which place the Tarot cards fall, and taking into account the surrounding cards, the Tarot reader can interpret the symbolism to ascertain the past, present and future events. But remember, no matter what the cards or 'clairvoyants' say, fortune telling only tells us the potential future. What we make of it is in our own hands.

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